MY air conditioner is not blowing cold air

Ok, it was over 100 degrees today in Lawrence, Kansas and on the way home from work, the air conditioner stopped making cool air. Hot air now comes out. This is a different problem that the poster before me seems to have. Mazda Protégé, 1996, 128,000 plus miles on it.

A reconditioned one was installed in 2006, compressor replaced in July, 2012.


You need to have the system looked at. Pressures need to be checked and electrical systems need to be evaluated. Without a set of gauges, there is no real DIY solution despite what some commercials say.

@‌ Busted Knuckles: Thanks!

Are you saying that it blew cold for part of your trip, but quit in heavy traffic on 23rd? If the outage was sudden, I’d suspect a belt or fuse. Is there more than one belt? If there is only one, and everything else is working, then it’s not the belt.

Might you have bumped/loosened an electrical connection when you were replacing that big hose last weekend?

Do you hear a loud click when you turn the A/C on? If you don’t hear the click of the A/C compressor’s clutch, first check fuses. There is one that will allow the compressor to kick in. If it’s blown, it’s not (going to be) cool.

A reconditioned WHAT was installed in 2006?

@MG McAnick:

Weird thing is that it works fine this morning!

Yes, I did worry I might have bumped something when replacing the hose last weekend.

A reconditioned air conditioner was installed in 2006.

Ahhh, but it was considerably cooler in the morning, down to about 75º. At 100º your A/C was working very hard.

Did it blow adequately cold at first, and then just warm?

What about the compressor clicking in? Does it go on and off and on again?

I could not hear a clicking sound, but it might be because I have a slight muffler issue whose repair is on hold for a while.

On the hot day, it started out adequately cold then abruptly was hot air. It was 89 today and it worked adequately.

Tomorrow it is to be 100 degrees so I will see what happens.