Air bag warning light on Sonata

My 2008 has the airbag warning light on - the dealer wants to replace the whole passenger seat bottom for $1600. They also say as long as the light is on no airbags will work. Is this true and do I have to just cough up the money and replace this?

Yes, it is true that no airbags will deploy. Whether you insist on making this repair or drive without working airbags is up to you.

It certainly won’t hurt to go elsewhere for a second opinion. If you do, don’t mention the dealer’s diagnosis.

Yes get a second opinion. Do you have the option to turn off the passenger side airbag? If so turn it off and see what happens.

They probably have to replace the seat cushion because there’s a problem with the occupation switch. The occupation switch detects if someone is sitting in the seat or not. Even my lawn tractor had a occupation switch that shut the engine off if I got off the lawn tractor. But I removed it. A starter for a John Deere lawn tractor isn’t cheap.


I do know there is a recall letter for the 06’ sonata for the same problem, light should turn off when a passenger is sitting in it unless they weigh less than a certain weight (115lbs I think) which in theory prevents children from riding in the front but apparently some adults who are of a lower weight
would have the same issue according to the recall notice I received. I am not sure if your model year is involved or not but maybe worth looking into.


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