Air Bag Warning Light 2012 Sonata

A light came on in my 2012 Sonata saying “Hyundai airbag/supplemental restraint system light”. Any idea what is causing this? Is this something I could possibly fix myself?

It might be a faulty airbag clock spring in the steering column. Hyundai extended the warranty to 15 years. Take it to a dealer for a diagnosis. I’m not a mechanic but it doesn’t sound like a DIY job, especially if it’s covered under warranty.


Additionally, we have no idea about the extent of the OP’s mechanical abilities.
Working on an airbag is not something for the typical amateur mechanic to tackle, IMHO.


Dave was correct about the faulty airbag clock spring in the steering column. He was also correct about Hyundai extending the warranty on this. My local dealer told me that there would be a diagnostic fee of over $150 if this wasn’t the cause. But, in the end, it was free.
Thanks Dave.

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Glad to hear you got the issue resolved and that it didn’t cost you anything.