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2004 elantra airbags

we just bought a 2004 elantra. my duaghter was in the passenger seat and her airbag stayed off. I’ve looked online and there have been problems with someone under 150 lbs not triggering the airbag sensor and people have complained that Hyundai won’t do anything about it. I haven’t talked to our local dealer yet; wanted to get more info on possible solutions before I did. We didn’t buy the car from them. I’d appreciate any info folks have on this.

I conclude you had a accident and drivers bag deployed and passenger did not, even though it was occupied.

Now the car is repaired and you want to prevent this situation from happening again,what I can think of is a scan with a Hyundai scanner to see if it recognizes the seat is occupied.

There is a recall for this problem. The recall is dated 08/12/2003. This type of recall has no expiration. Use your vin and call Hyundai. They can tell you if your Elantra is one of those being recalled.
Weight isn’t the only criteria with setting the airbag light. The position of ones legs are a matter, also. See the recall notice.
You can see the recall notice if you follow the instructions for getting to the Web site I gave to: Click on: Seats, Belts, Interior Trim, Carpets, Airbags (12)

I suspect he means the light that says the passenger airbag is disabled is on.

Thank you for your replys. I could have been clearer in how I wrote the original posting. We haven’t had an accident but I had noticed that the lighted indicator that says the airbag is not on did not go out when my daughter sat in the sear. It goes out when I’m in the seat. I’m 200 lbs, she’s 140 lbs. She’s taking the car after college graduation and I’m sure there will be a number of kids under 150 lbs or so in that front seat and I’d like to know they have the airbag backup to their seatbelts. I will check the recall information and get ahold of Hyundai. I’ll let you know what happens.
Thanks again.

Well, you’re conscientious, and concerned about others’ safety; I applaud you for that. Air bags are a second line of defense in potential impacts. The first line is seat (and shoulder) belts. You should still use the belts, even when there are airbags.
If your daughter is in the habit of using the seat belts, now, she’ll likely continue to use them when away at school. If she doesn’t have the habit, it may be too late for her to learn “new tricks”.
You spoke of “other kids”. It amazes me that some bright young people (NOT your daughter) can go away to school and seem to think that now they can “rebel” and live in very stupid, self-destructive, ways. These are the ones who will try peer pressure, on her, to behave likewise. Let’s hope she doesn’t yield.