Air bag lights on track controll lights on

last January I was in in a very minor accident @ 15 -20 mph however because his bumper was higher than mine so I had no protection lost the whole front end head lights , grill left fender etc. , I had a so called back yard body guy fix it , I must say he did a nice job for the money BUT he also doesn’t have all the high tech equipment some of the more modern body shops have , he replace the air bag , left fender left head light grill etc .

BUT NOW the air bag lights , tract control & ABS lights stay on , I ask him / blamed him because of the replacing of the air bag , BUT he denies it was his fault , any ideas of what the problem may be ? MAHALO


Proper diagnosis of the air bag system will most likely require a trip to the dealer. Please be aware that if the light is on the airbags are disabled and WILL NOT function in the event of a crash.

The Trac control issue could be caused by many things. We don’t know the make and model of your car, so it’s all just a guess.

If the airbags deployed a module has to be replaced as well, then the system has to be reprogrammed.

The traction control is a separate issue. It could be something as simple as a speed sensor was not plugged in. Have the codes pulled and it will give you a clue as to where to look for the problem.

If the airbags deployed a module has to be replaced as well, then the system has to be reprogrammed.

This is often true, but not always. It depends on what unknown brand and model car the OP has.



You don’t have a go to a dealer. A good independent shop that works on newer cars should have no trouble at all with your Crown Vic. You don’t want to guess at what parts it needs. Have it scanned (with a Ford specific scanner) and then run the correct troubleshooting flowcharts.
Also, please stop YELLING. It’s hard to read.

Every car I’ve dealt with has had to have the module replaced after a deployment. This Crown Vic is no different, needs a module and reprogramming - IF… THE AIRBAGS DEPLOYED.

If all that was done was a crash sensor replaced the system still needs to be reprogrammed.

This is the information on the airbag system in a Crown Vic.

NOTE: Deployable devices (such as air bag modules, pretensioners) may deploy alone or in various combinations depending on the impact event.

NOTE: Always refer to the appropriate workshop manual procedures prior to carrying out vehicle repairs affecting the SRS and safety belt system.

NOTE: The SRS must be fully operational and free of faults before releasing the vehicle to the customer.

All vehicles
NOTE: Refer to the correct removal and installation procedure for all SRS components being installed. When any deployable device or combination of devices are deployed and/or the restraints control module (RCM) has the DTC B1231 (Event Threshold Exceeded) in memory, the repair of the vehicle’s SRS is to include the removal of all deployed devices and the installation of new deployable devices, the removal and installation of new impact sensors, and the removal and installation of a new RCM. DTCs must cleared from all required modules after repairs are carried out. Vehicles with occupant classification sensor (OCS) system
NOTE: After installation of new occupant classification sensor (OCS) system components carry out the OCS System Reset procedure as instructed in the workshop manual. Refer to the appropriate workshop manual for OCS system removal and installation procedure. When a vehicle has been involved in a collision and the occupant classification system module (OCSM) has DTC B1231 stored in memory, the repair of the OCS system is to include the following procedures for the specified system:
For rail type OCS system, inspect the passenger side floorpan for damage and repair as necessary. Install new OCS system rails.
For weight sensor bolt type OCS system, inspect the passenger side floorpan for damage and repair as necessary. Install a new seat track with OCS system weight sensor bolts. DTC must be cleared from the OCSM before carrying out Occupant Classification Sensor (OCS) System Reset. Do not install a new OCSM unless DTC B1231 cannot be cleared.
NOTE: Most bladder type OCSM do not store a DTC B1231 in memory after deployment. The DTC B1231 is stored only by the RCM.
For bladder type OCS system, inspect for damage and repair as necessary. If installation of an OCS system component is required, an OCS system service kit must be installed.

All vehicles

When any damage to the impact sensor mounting points or mounting hardware has occurred, repair or install new mounting points and mounting hardware as needed.
When the driver air bag module has deployed, a new clockspring must be installed.
New driver and/or front passenger safety belt systems (including retractors, buckles and height adjusters) must be installed if the vehicle is involved in a collision that results in deployment of the driver and/or front passenger safety belt pretensioners. For additional information, refer to Safety Belt System.
Inspect the entire vehicle for damage, including the following components: Steering column (deployable column if equipped) Instrument panel knee bolsters and mounting points Instrument panel braces and brackets Instrument panel and mounting points Seats and seat mounting points Safety belts, safety belt buckles and safety belt retractors. SRS wiring, wiring harnesses and connectors
After carrying out the review and inspection of the entire vehicle for damage, repair or install new components as needed.

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