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Air Bag Light Always On: Dog Poop Down Seat Belt Mechanism

The Air Bag light is always on on my 2004 Honda Element. It’s related to my dog getting sick down the seat belt mechanism. Here are the details:

My dog broke into my Dad’s pantry and ate a carton of ramen noodles (including the flavor packet) and a big box of raisins. (which are toxic for dogs). I then had to drive 7 hours home to Vermont in my 2004 Honda Element with my dog who got sick in the car. It was a big mess! It went everywhere- including down the seat belt locking mechanism. I washed and scrubbed down the inside of the car, used lavender for the smell and cleaned the seat belt mechanism with Q-tip swabs and rubbing alcohol. The car is clean but the air bag light is continually on. My car won’t pass inspection with this and they say it is related to the seat belt mechanism.

Any ideas?

They quoted $200 on the low end if it’s a seat belt replacement and $1,500 on the high end if they have to replace some sort of computerized system related to the air bag.

I hope your dog’s feeling better. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner into the seat belt mechanism to clean up any corrosion from the accident.

When I get a warning light I disconnect the battery to clear it and then wait to see if it comes back. I don’t have any problems doing this with my 2000 and older vehicles. It may be an issue with some newer cars. Check your Owner’s Manual first.

Ed B.

Thanks! I’ll try the Contact Cleaner today and report back.

My airbag light is always on. (2004 Element) The dealer says it’s the seat-belt. And Honda fixes or replaces seat belts for free. They’ve replaced belts on my previous Honda too.

First, replace the dog, then see Honda about the bag light. Don’t tell them about the dog…

If they give you funny looks when you pick the car up, bet on it they found the poop.