Aftermarket sources

Can anyone reccomend a really good source for aftermarket toys – stuff that makes your vehicle more fun. I have a new conversion van and it’s got lots of stuff, but I’d like to find a good source for stuff I don’t have – a car vac, a portable jump-starter, etc. I"ve ordered a plug-in cooler from JC Whitney but I don’t find a single-source supplier for Sharper Image-type goodies for cars. Any suggestions?

I recently bought a portable jump starter at a chain auto parts store for about $100, they have some of those kinds of toys. For electronic toys (audio, TV, navigation, alarms, etc.) check out places like “Car Toys.” If you look hard enough, you will find ways to spend lots of cash on stuff like this.

The magazine rack at a book store can be a great place to look.

Check the auto magazine section of your local supermarket. Most auto mags have LOADS of ads for just the kind of thing you are looking for.

You can try this place.

Looks like they stock alot of crap, oops, I mean fun aftermarket goodies.

They also sell parts for Fiats, Alfa Romeos and Lancias under the name of International Auto Parts.

If you are looking for GPS, DVD players and audio equipment, Best Buy, Circuit City or any audio shop in your area can help remove any of that annoying extra cash in your wallet.

Howdy! I am a student who needs help for my marketing class. We are doing a project and I need some feedback if anyone is willing!

By aftermarket I mean anything really that is added after the car is purchased and more typically like car features and not parts, aka adding aftermarket remote access features, not a new starter because the original broke.

Do you add aftermarket parts to your car?

Would you add aftermarket parts if there was a feature that you wanted but didn’t have?

Why do you or others add aftermarket parts to their cars?

Would you add aftermarket remote access to your car?

Would you add aftermarket push button ignition?

if you are willing are you male or female and maybe general age if you want.

Thanks so much for any responses or help, it is much needed and very much appreciated!!!


They are the granddad of “stuff” for cars. J. C. Whitney

Agree, a GPS is one of the more useful toys. Just bought one for my wife who has trouble reading city maps. The portable ones can be moved from car to car. Best Buy is a very good place th shop with a good selection.

Americans have long customized their cars with stuff ranging from glitzy and rather useless stuff in the fifties to realy useful items today. I have personally bought:

  1. Electric in-car heater of 500watts which you plug in when the car is parked outside in old weather. About $25 plus installation
  2. Roof rack for skis, and other long items; also trunk mounted ski racks
  3. Custom rubber floor mats with deep groves to catch the snow and slush from your boots. The factory fabric mats are useless in winter.
  1. GPS sytems are the latest items; they are great for travel and finding an address in the city
  2. I have a plug-in mini fridge that heat or cools and can be taken into the motel to keep your beer cool.
  3. Most people buy cushions of some sort to lift themselves up or get more back support on long trips.
  4. Sheepskin seat covers are great for long distance driving, summer or winter. If you don’t believe me, look in the cockpit of a jet airliner; it is a pilot’s favorite seat cover.
  5. Child seats, of course are very popular; many states require them for children up to a certain height.
    9 Various caddies to hold CDs, drinks and other items
    10.Portable battery pack to jump start you car, doing awy with needing another vehicle.
  6. Trailer hitches of all kinds
  7. Backup cameras (have not bought that one yet) make backing up easy. Great gift for your grandparents.

Pickup trucks, of course, have spawned a whole industry of accessories.

You should visit an autmotive accessory store, or even Walmarts automotive department to get a good feel for what is popular. In Australia “Roo Bars” are very popular; they are bars across the front grill to deflect kangoroos.

The shops that spray on bed liners for pickups hace a lot of aftermarket stuff. You can get a catalog there and call the company yourself to get the stuff a little cheaper.