Aftermarket seatbelts on 65 Valiant


Okay…so I am about to install these so I can put my carseat in the back. Any suggestions on a sealant for the holes I gotta make in the floorpan? Ive used “blue stuff” before, but I can’t remember what it is called.Thanks


I use a silicone sealant, like GE brand. The Permatex blue stuff is OK, since it is silicone based also. If you are doing a bolt and nut installation, use flat washers or fender washers to sandwich extra sealant around the hole, although that is most likely not necessary.




Find some big, heavy, flat washers, 3" in diameter, to prevent the bolts from pulling through the sheet metal in the event they are needed…


Smear everything with silicone sealant, and use BIG washers, as Caddyman suggests. It’s a '65 Valiant; no matter what you do parts of it will rust. Rear fenders. for example.

I remember installing aftermarket seatbelts (front and rear) in a '65 Dodge Dart sedan I owned in the 80s. Three point belts were, and are, out of the question but the seatbelts worked fine, and we had no trouble with a toddler and an infant in the rear seat.

You may get posts telling you to buy a more modern car, with airbags, etc. Ignore them.


Absolutely use the big heavy duty washers on it. They used to come with the seatbelt kits, and were also used in new car production when lapbelts were the rage. Are they not included now?

It doesn’t matter what color silicone sealant you use. Black, white, blue, and clear are all available. Some are for high temperature applications, but it won’t matter if you use them on a cold surface.