Aftermarket radio draining battery HELP

So i have a 2004 chevy impala and recently installed an after market radio, the radio is a Boss BVCP9700A radio and i wired it up and put it in and it worked perfectly fine but when i would turn it off it would still show the time and stuff until i tapped the screen then it would go black so i thought it was off for sure, then the next morning battery is completely dead, if anybody has any idea how to fix please help i cant find anything online and im not very smart when it comes to cars i appreciate it

Remove the radio and toss it into the nearest trash can. Boss is a cheap radio and this WILL happen to every one you install. How do I know this? I’ve had 2 of these junk radios. Trouble is, all the cheaper models, even from good brands, all seem to be the same. Likely they come out of the same plant in China and they are ALL junk.


I would start by rechecking your wiring. Car audio is a lot more complicated then it used to be. And I agree with @Mustangman about the quality of these cheap system.


would you happen to know what wire would cause this issue?

You put the thing in so there is no way for anyone to know what wire is wrong without actually seeing the wires in person. Just call your local vehicle stereo shop and ask what they would charge to make this correct.

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Both of the power wires. The one from the battery, probably red, and the one from the switched power, probably pink. Or you could pull the fuse.

You will lose all the presets and bluetooth links everytime you disconnect the radio.

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Might even have a yellow for constant power for the memory. You could try Boss tech support at
It’s worth a shot

Did you use a vehicle-specific wiring harness adapter kit? How old is your battery? It is possible that this was a coincidence if the stereo wiring is correct.

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