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07 Silverado Pioneer Radio draining battery over night

My battery started dying overnight when the temp started dropping outside it always kills the battery over the course of one night I broke the touch screen on my Pioneer avh2300nex so I removed it and the drain appeared to stop but when I fixed and reinstalled my radio the drain came back I replaced fuses and it hasn’t fixed it I had both batteries tested and they were good alternator and starter tested good too at this point I’m stumped because I can’t afford a new radio so im looking for a work around type of thing

If the problem is solved by removing/disconnecting the stereo, then its is either defective or not properly connected. In either case, the best solution is to put back the stock stereo. If you no longer have it, or if it is defective, get a used one from a junkyard. I have never been a fan of aftermarket audio equipment, other than speakers, since the OEM speakers wear out.

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My son went overboard with auto stereo systems and needed a new battery as well as police/taxi alternator.

You got good advice.

Alternatively, install a switch on the power lead to your radio. Then you will have to train yourself to throw the switch into the off position each time you turn off your vehicle.

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Been there… 3 aftermarket radios after the factory one failed. All failed the same way… power drains. Put a toggle switch in the lead from the battery or better, the ground wire.

The lower priced ones all seem to come from the same factory as the back chassis and wire plugs are identical. Only the fronts are different. All are essentially crap.

I hadn’t thought of that it does sound better than replacing it but I have no idea how to do that my truck had it when I bought it and I’m pretty happy with it but as for anything with wires I’m a newbie

I haven’t replace a radio in many, many years. It used to be a single red wire would be power and a single black wire leading to a screw, screwed into a metal part of the dash would be the ground.
Like Mustangman said, that would also work.

Looking at some info on your unit it shows that switched ignition power should go to the red lead and continuous memory power should be tied to the yellow power lead. If the red lead is tied to continuous power that may be what is causing the trouble. It seems unlikely that the yellow lead would cause the issue but it is possible I suppose.


I haven’t had the issue before and my truck had the audio system in it when I got it the drain stopped when I took the radio out but I don’t think it’s the radio but at the moment I don’t know what all is on that circuit or even which circuit it is

The fuse that supplies power to the radio is usually marked RADIO. There is most likely other things tied to that fuse also. Your Owner’s manual shows the fuse is inside the compartment under the hood. There is a fuse for the radio and also for the external amp.

I’ve looked through the owners manual for hours either I just don’t understand it or it doesn’t say what all is on that circuit or even which circuit it is if I knew that much I would have already fixed it but I figured I would just replace all the fuses in the cab seeing as I have already replaced the ones under the hood and since the issue didn’t start until it got cold I figure it may just be the battery I had it tested and it tested good but I’m in Arkansas so if you want accurate advise usually ya gotta know some rednecks with some good old redneck ingenuity most folks who work at parts stores where I am don’t actually know much and I’ve been having trouble finding anything regarding my truck for example I have the same truck as some people I know and they can change they’re cabin air filter and despite everything looking the exact same I have no access to mine like WTF😂

Owner’s manual, page 602 shows the location of the radio and amplifier fuses down in the lower right side of the picture.

Replacing fuses will not do anything to correct a battery drain problem, if there is one. Have a shop check the current drain on the battery to see if there is a problem. If the radio really does have a problem then removing the fuse to it will kill the power to the radio and prove that the issue is on that fuse circuit. The main power to the radio should turn off with the ignition switch if it is wired correctly, so that path seems unlikely to be a problem. There may be an issue with the external amp possibly, which has it’s own fuse an may not turn off with the ignition.

I charged my battery last night and then disconnected the battery. then I hook it back up to try and crank it and I’m fairly certain it’s my starter that is most of the problem but my battery only showed 10.something volts should still be enough to start but it wouldn’t

If your battery is only going to 10 volts after charging it you have a shorted cell in the battery. I see a new battery in your future. Even if the battery was good and had 11 volts on it the battery would basically be dead and would never begin to run the starter. A good fully charged battery should be above 12.6 volts.

Yeah it is next on the agenda but I appreciate you spitballing ideas to help me try and figure out what is wrong I’m going to replace it asap and I will let you guys know what happens