2nd thermostat: to OEM or not to OEM

My 2007 Nissan Versa has two coolant thermostats. The “real” 95C-temp stat on the upper side output of the engine (looks harder to replace) and the “extra” 82C-temp stat on the lower front intake of the engine (looks like a snap to replace). Car has close to 120K miles, and I’m thinking of proactively replacing the two stats with new OEM ones at the same time as a radiator flush. OEM part is easy to find with the extra lower stat, but even the parts.nissanusa.com website does not list any available OEM for the upper one (that I can find). If I can’t find OEM for the upper stat, then is there a different good brand that I could look for? Or should I just not worry about the two stats? Or should I just replace the lower one with OEM? I’ve read about a Versa that had the originals past 200K, so I might be feeling lucky…

Stant is a major supplier to automakers across the world.

Including Nissan.


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Water control valve, part number 21230-EL00A.

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