Aftermarket cruise control for 2011 Dodge Ram 1500

has anyone installed after market cruise control on a2011 dodge ram 1500 3.7 that did not come with said cruise control

I have installed factory accessory cruise control on many vehicles, they have become rather simple, a switch, wiring and sometimes a clockspring. Did you find an aftermarket kit for a better price?

Yeah, I’d pay extra for a factory accessory, given all the electronics now involved.

Seeing that they are sold I would venture that the answer to this question is ( Yes ).

Seriously? Most people can see beyond the literal and read between the lines. The OP is asking if anyone HERE has ever done it and can provide advice. Most people who do not have any prior experience just keep their yap shut and move on…

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I had a cruise control added to a 2000 Ford Ranger once, without any factory cruise control. I think a local transmission shop did the work. It worked really well, as I recall.

Having more time than money, I would consider getting it from an auto recycler and installing it myself.

Installing the switch involves removing the airbag and steering wheel.