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Cruise control

I have a 2004 Honda Civic VP. I want cruise control. I have read reviews for aftermarket kits some good and some bad. Can the dealer install cruise control?

I dont really want an aftermarket I would rather have a factory installed cc.

I put an aftermarket in one of my cars and it worked OK. Frankly I would not do ot again however since too many problems with aftermarket.

In theory, a Honda dealer could install cruise control, assuming it was available on other models in 2004, but they probably won’t want to, and the cost will be prohibitively expensive.

Dig through your local phone book and see if there’s a speedometer repair shop in your area. They may be able to help you.

My sister recently bought a Toyota Matrix that didn’t have cruise control, and she had it added at our local speedometer repair shop. She reports no problems so far.

I have to ask, if you wanted cruise control, why did you buy a car that doesn’t have it?

I can’t speak for the very recent versions, but I’ve never found them to be as reliable or functional as OEM. I wouldn’t buy a new car without it standard nor would I add one to a car given to me. I never had one that didn’t fail or need adjustments after a few years. NO THANKS> It’s been a while…maybe they’re better. I doubt it.

Let me add one experience and an exception to my others. My last Subaru, a pre 2000 came w/o a cruise control. While having it serviced, I mentioned to the parts man, “I’d give you $200 for a factory cruise installed”. He surprised me by saying, sold, pulled one off the shelf and had it put in that afternoon. If was factory OEM and worked perfectly for the next 9 years. So, IMO, they can all do it if they want, they just decide ahead where the profit is and whether cruise is “to be or not to be” part of package before and/or after they engineer the car.