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2001 Ford Econoline Commercial Cutaway - Add cruise?

Wanting to ad cruise controll. I read some corrispodance saying it can be added by swaping steering wheels and clock spring. Looking for a definitive answer

Why not just call a few auto after market shops and see what they charge to do it properly . That way you will also have some kind of warranty on the system . And assuming you have drivers airbag in the steering wheel that is not something for an amateur to mess with.

Called several Ford folks and after market universal kits are what they suggest. Seems like a bit of a gamble.

There are aftermarket kits that mount to the steering column made by Rostra which from what i’ve found out has been making similar kits for over a decade and with great results.

I love it!

Computer controlled engine management system, and adding another controller that was never programed into the computer.

What could go wrong?