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After market part vs original equipment

I recently purchased a 2007 Volvo xc90. The front passenger axle shaft has to be replaced. We’ve purchased 3 after market parts and they don’t fit. Before we spend $600 on a Volvo one, I want to get some feedback. What do you think? Is there a less expensive option out there and where do we find it? The only place we’ve found to get them was first equipment quality.

Please describe “They don’t fit” in more detail…

The diameter of the wheel end of the shaft is too small. When it was put in the bolt broke when it was backing out of the garage.

Are you sure you got the right part? I sometimes buy aftermarket parts and I haven’t had any problems. In some cases, they were better than the dealer parts.

volvo axles our a pain to look up, nobody knows what the car is exectly sometimes it pays to have your ac=xle rebuilt thats what we do where i work at . we do driveshafts and cv axles and i handle the auto parts end of thestore.

We’ve cross referenced it with the vin # and to original Volvo part.

If the splined end of the outer CV joint were too small the nut should never have been installed on it. And before leaving the parts counter the old axle and new axle should have been closely compared by both the customer and the counterman.

I rarely have any problems with aftermarket parts. I do double check each part before leaving the auto parts store.

The problem is that we are only able to find the part online so comparing them isn’t the easiest.