CV Axle Assembly

The center boot on the front axle is torn on Right and Left side

On my Acura, a mechanic just change the boot on the wheel side - he tells me the center boot might not be available.
RockAuto has SURTRACK / TRAKMOTIVE parts for just over $130 (R+L)

A local m/c said he will just change it with new part + 12 months warranty for around $220-230/side.

I need your help as this is a different repair than what I used to do (change the boot vs axle). This car I primarily drive on my interstate trip - say 450 miles one way.

  • Is there a particular part that I need to stick with?
  • In terms of price, it seems better to take the quote for $220-230/side. He is good shop but I am unsure if they are cutting corners and I might be in trouble a year later or middle of the freeway! He could not tell me the brand name. I called and asked him again - he said he has been doing it for 20yrs and no problems and gave me the option to bring the part.

100k mileage - mostly freeway
$220-230 is per side and is made in China

Here’s what I would recommend if you brought it my shop.

Drive the car until you hear a clunking sound when accelerating or slowing down. Like a worn U-joint does.

Then replace both half shafts with remanned units.

But don’t buy the parts on line.

Buy local, just in case there’s a problem with a part.


Of course the boot is available . . . how do you think those mom and pop axle repair shops do their job?

The question is . . . can HE get the boot?

That said . . . it’s not worth it for a mechanic to just change the boots on a cv halfshaft

Suppose the boot is torn . . . and has been presumably torn for an unknown period of time . . . and the car has some serious mileage?

It’s going to be more in labor to remove a cv halfshaft and replace the boot(s) . . . versus the labor to simply swap one halfshaft for another

And even if you did agree to the higher labor charge to just re-boot the halfshaft . . . how does he know you won’t blame him 3 months later when the halfshaft is making noise and it’s clear the halfshaft needs to be replaced with a new and/or remanned assembly?

I’m EXTREMELY opinionated when it comes to halfshafts

I’d rather have my oem cv halfshaft remanned, versus install a new cheap chinese halfshaft

And it’s not because I’m prejudice against Chinese

It’s because of bad experiences with those new parts . . . and it wasn’t just once

On the other hand . . . if you’re doing the repair yourself, by all means, go ahead and just slap new boots on the halfshaft(s). You could probably do all 4 boots on both halfshafts for less than $100. Maybe a lot less, depending on the brand name and quality of the part(s)

Those mom and pop axle shops have pretty decent turn-around time. You can often drop off the parts in the morning, or during your lunch break, and pick them up after work, and they’re ready to go. All for a reasonable price.

But it sounds like you’re paying a shop to take care of everything. Remove, repair, reinstall, and also source the parts

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Sounds like a plan - awesome idea - right now no clicking and it holds the road well.

Questions are:

  • how do I know if its a remanned unit - is it the ones that say “re-manufactured”?
  • " clunking sound" is the same as when the CV boot (on the wheel side) causes?

Lastly people have told not to drive long distance if the CV is making that sound - currently its not making that sound - I can drive 450miles?

The OEM axle is the best option. If yours isn’t making any clicking sound when you go around a corner, I would get it rebooted ASAP. They can wear very fast once the boot gets torn. Also do all 4 boots, they are all about the same age. At least do both boots on the axle in question if only one axle has torn boots.

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Thanks - this is what I have been doing for my Acura so I am comfortable - @Tester, @keith & @db4690 also spoke in the same line (ie remanuf).
It used to cost me $60-$80 a piece for part and labor- no brainer - I only had to do the wheel side. Now lowest price is at $320 (all 4)!

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So actually its remanuf part + Warranty for $220-230
or re-boot all 4 for $320 (different shop)

Its a difficult decision for me! Thoughts?

Rebooting an old halfshaft when you don’t know how long the old boot has been torn, is like sealing a CV-joint where all the grease has been lost, and dirt and grime have already damaged the joint.

Would you want to pay me to do the same job over again? Only this time, i do a replacement of the axles, and not a reboot?


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Can anyone find the remanuf part for 2013 Mazda Sport Automatic?
Here is the Mazda part #:

PepBoys has remanuf part - it doesn’t say if it were for Auto or Manual - they only have one side:

Local private Mazda only repair shop uses FEQ parts (Kentucky + ?? Made in USA).

M/c said that he cleans the joint before reboot - I have been doing this to the outer boot on my Acura - never went wrong. But takes time to arrive - there is a scarcity.


  • reman axle is unavailable (this car no longer available in the US but in Canada)
  • there can be a delay in getting the inner boots including the dealer
  • FEQ parts - 10% of the time the parts are not a perfect fit - m/c gets different part

My m/c has been repairing on my Integra - he also told me inner boots are a problem to get. My both inner boots cracked - on my Acura, its always on the wheel side! In the past all his repairs were good. He assured me no dust/dirt related issue.

So I found the part on RockAuto and had him repair it. So far good.

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Glad it worked out. If you’re stuck like that again in the future for finding an axle, try calling Given axles is all they do, they should be able to help.

I called them - they did not have an axle for me ready to go.