After changing battery terminals, car wont start?

I had to change the raditior and flush the trans fluid so while I had the battery disconnected I decided I was going to change the terminals to something newer, now the car wont even turn over? 2009 dodge caliber, lights and radio work and dont dim when I try to start it, just wont turn over, I disconnected them again, can someone please explain where do I hook all of these to? Thanks

Try shifting the transmission into neutral to see if it starts.


When I’ve done that I just buy a replacement cable with the terminals already attached. Parts stores usually have a wide range of lengths to select from. Be sure to buy black for ground and red for the +12. It’s going to be quite difficult to make a good low resistance connection to the battery using any other diy’er method. Suggest to abandon the current approach.

Double check the battery is positioned correctly and you are connected + to + etc.

is this the current state of the battery hookup?

CURRENT STATE = YES, I disconnected the terminals because as already stated, wouldnt turn over

The wire locations look correct. the 2 on the right for positive and the 2 on the left for the negative. I would lightly sandpaper the battery posts and all the connections.
It sounds like it started ok before you decided to change the terminals. did anything spark while taking it apart? if so, then I would check your fuses and relays. just so you know getting to the relays are a little bit of a PIA. also there tends to get corrosion on the bottom of the relay fuse box due to its location.

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