After car wash my radio stopped working

Hi - so I took my 2005 Corolla this morning to get it detailed at a Eco Detailing place. They use steam instead of water. When I picked it up it looked good and I left. On the way home I went to turn on the radio and nada. No lights, no sound. The rest of my dashboard was working fine. So I called the place and told the main dude what happened. He said this happens sometime when the doors of the car are left open for three - four hours. He said give it a couple of days and the radio would reset. Anyone heard of this? I’m pretty doubtful. I have all the windows down in the car to dry out any left over humidity. Argh.

If the doors were left open long enough to where the battery drained down that the radio lost its security code the radio won’t work. And the radio isn’t going to boot up until the security code is entered. This how it works on the wifes Honda.

Look in the owners manual. It should indicate how to enter he security code so the radio works again.


Thanks Tester! I went out to try the code and lo and behold it works. I never heard of that before. Whew.

You might have your batterty load tested to see how much reserve it has. If leaving the doors open an hour ran the battery down to the voltage where the radio memory was lost, the battery may not have enough reserve to crank the engine in a difficult situation i.e. cold, flooded restart, etc.

Unless you have replaced your battery since new, the battery is 8 years old which is a respectable life for an OEM battery.

Just a thought.