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2005 Chrysler Pacifica - Battery drain

Hi: I’m having some trouble with a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica I recently bought. I had a brand new battery die out after I had not driven it for forty-eight hours. I was told either there was some type of power drain or something isn’t being turned off when I turn off the engine. I noticed the radio doesn’t turn off after I turn off the engine. It stays on until I open the door. Is the radio supposed to function like that?

Yes it is . But you need to have a shop look for your power drain . Also putting you full onfo on an open web site is not a good idea at all.

Yes, the radio and other accessories are meant to stay on until you open the door. Have the car checked for a parasitic drain by a good independent shop.


I had a 2003 Town and Country with the battery going mysteriously going dead. One day I came home with our other car and as I walked by the van I heard the electric cooling fab start up on a cold engine.
It turned out to be the cooling fan control module. Your Pacifica uses the same module. On the van, the module was mounted on top of the steel front bumper under the rubber bumper cover just to the drivers side of the radiator.