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After briefly turning off engine then back on - clicking sound

When I stop on my courier route for about 4 minutes to pick up an item and restart it, the engine won’t start. Rather, it just clicks. The car has been used hard and is stopped and started repeatedly all day and so it was thought it was the starter. My boss said it’s me and and that there is nothing wrong with it. After these episodes(about 30 minutes or so) it will start each time. Do I have bad Ju-Ju or is the car haunted?? What is up…

With so may restarts you’ve probably worn out the starter solenoid, which is built into the starter in most cases.

You probably need a new starter. With this new tendency to shut off the engine to save gas you are learning what wears out quickly. The battery is next in line. There is no free lunch. You could have let the engine idle for 30-40 hours on what the new starter will cost. Maybe longer.