Starting Probems

My 2006 Dodge Caravan will not start, it acts like the battery is dead but I have had it checked and replaced. It only happens after the car has been used several times in the day, then it does not start until after 1-2 hours later it will start. It runs fine while it runs. It has 103,850mi. Someone said it could be the starter motor or the computer. Can someone help me?

Does the starter make a CLICK sound when you turn the key to start? You may have to put your head under the hood while someone else turns the key.

Probably starter or starter relay.

Yes, it makes a CLICK sound when I turn the key. This morning I drove to the airport and back, probably a 90 min. round trip. That was over 3 hours ago and it still does not start. It usually starts back up after 1-2hours. Any more info you can give? Thank you.

you most likely need a new starter. if the solenoid is bad it will click but not go rrr rrr rrr. some of these new starters have the solenoid built in so that you have to change the starter when the solenoid goes south.

Starter (or starter solenoid) bad. Be thankful it’s not the computer, but computer was a very unlikely guess.

Thank you for all the help, I will replace the starter.