Do I need a new starter?

When I try to start my Jeep I hear a rapid clicking sound. Does that mean I need a new starter?

in all likely hood the battery is dead. get a jump, and take it to a shop to have a load test done on the battery. while it’s there have a check of the charging system too.

No, it means you need to find out why enough voltage isn’t getting to the starter solenoid to energize it. The starter solenoid needs at least 9 1/2 volts to energize. Poor, or corroded wiring connections, or defective switches, cause the voltage to drop too low. Locate those, and repair, and you’ll be good to go.

The problem is most likely a discharged battery. The battery might not be able to hold a charge (replace battery) or the charging system may have not kept the battery charged (repair charging system). Make sure that the battery terminal connectors are clean and tight.

Just an add-on note to the post from Researcher. Check BOTH ends of the battery cables for corrosion. The neg. cable where it connects to the engine block as well as the pos. terminal where it connects onto the starter solenoid. Those two points are often overlooked but they do need occasional cleaning. You can also purchase (fairly cheap) a battery testing hydrometer which gives you the specific gravity of each cell in your battery. That’ll help in determining the condition of your battery. Info can be found in your Owner’s Manual or if not there, in a Chilton’s, Hayne’s, or other repair manual. My guess is 1.) Defective battery; 2.) Maybe caused by either age of battery or defctive charging system/alternator or starter solenoid. I’d get the condition of the battery checked first especially if the battery is close to, or older than 5 yrs. old.

You probably have a dead battery. All the Chrysler products I have heard make that same sound all you need is to get a jump and have your battery checked because you may have a bad cell or something wrong with your battery. Besides normal ware and tear.