Aerodynamic body modifications

This car, which was photographed at a Wal-Mart, is clearly owned by a master craftsman/stylist. Hopefully one of the major auto makers can find him and employ him.


Maybe Boeing can hire him to help design the 737 Super-Duper. :upside_down_face:


The New Buick Murder Hornet…Coming soon!


The ground effects look like cardboard, and are taped in place. I think it’s done for show, like a parade. They might not have finished decorating it yet. It is goofy, though.

I was thinking “Hornetmobile.”

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What is that tail cone made out of? It looks like something soft…

Bought an 87 Mazda pickup with a six inch high rock deflector. It would hit rocks and sail them upward and they would slam down hard on the windshield. It also stopped the airflow into the cowl vents so the fan would have to be on all the time. I removed it and the cabin airflow was great. I installed it under the radiator as an air dam for two years before I tossed it. Stones and rocks would then roll up the hood and roll harmlessly up and over the windshield and fuel economy improved.

Ah, the name of the Hornetmobile was Black Beauty. In the serials from the late thirties it included a Buzzing sound. The Green Hornet would have Kato switch the sound off when they neared the hideout of the bad guys.

Exactly. There was no such thing as the “Hornetmobile,” instead it was Black Beauty. Since the car in the pic looks nothing like Black Beauty from the TV show I used a different term. Maybe I should have called it the “Waspmobile.”