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Buick's new RV

… is a stunner… literally.
Photographed at Wal-Mart, naturally!


And it’s a Woodie too! It could use a little rear suspension work to level the car, though.

Edit: I just noticed that there is a dog in the car with no human in sight. I am enraged by that. Leave the dog at home, or leave someone at the car.

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Why lose that lovely scraping sound on the pavement?

There is someone sitting in the back seat.

My wife has never approved of Buicks before but this may be a game changer. Gotta pump those rear shocks up a little to lower the headlight aim though.

Just leave the lights pointed in the tree’s and tell everybody you’re coon hunting. An old southerner joke.


Curious why you’re “enraged”? Assuming it’s not too hot, what’s the issue?

True story but you brought it up. About 5:00 one morning a guy backed into my 61 Corvair sending the fender and attached headlight upward. The headlight would shine in the trees. Before I got it hammer and dollyed out and repaired, my wife was driving it one night and was stopped by the local police. The officer asked her if she was hunting for coons? She was quite humiliated and I think I put the repair on the fast track after that. Hey, the light really was shining in the trees but I figured as long as it worked, what’s the problem officer? No one said it had to shine on the road and it wasn’t in anyone’s eyes as long as they also weren’t looking for coon up in the tree.

She has not had good relations with the law like I have. When it’s appropriate, and as long as it’s just between us, I have another one for sometime.

Maybe it’s not just a southern thing after all. I remember my dad and grandfather loading firewood into an old Ford truck (overloading it) and as we drove along, one of them commenting that we were “really coon hunting with the headlights.” I was just a little kid so they had to ‘splain that one to me.

When I recently saw an old land yacht sedan with a seriously sagging back end I had to laugh at myself because my immediate thought was BOOTLEGGER! But then I grew up in Oklahoma in the 1960s when bootlegging was still big business despite the state going wet in 1959. Besides, neighboring Arkansas had (and still has) dry counties.

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At least this Buick was not made in China as is is the Invasion; oops I mean Envision.

Thank you for pointing that out. It could be a person, but it is difficult for me to tell. The rear window on the driver’s side appears to be down, too.

@Scrapyard_John, what bothers me is that cars heat up very quickly, even with the windows lowered. Typically windows would not be all the way down so that the dog can’t get out while the owner is gone. Even in that circumstance, the temperature can get high enough to seriously injured the dog. We don’t know the temperature at the time the picture was taken, but it is still bad practice and in many places illegal to leave a dog alone in a car.


It’s 7 degrees out today here so a little warming would be OK. I think though it is a dog in the front and the mother in law in the back. Or else a retriever in the back. I think the point was what some folks do to cars but who knows what the guy’s story is.

The cab seems to be totally shaded in the picture and the rear window is 1/2 way down so the greatest threat to passengers in that RV is from the likelihood that at 30+ mph the wind will make a UFO out of the roof.

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What is that thing on the front fender? Sort of like curb feelers or “other car feelers”? Or did someone accidentally shoot it when bow hunting?

I just don’t understand you folks. Clearly that is either a dog or a kangaroo in the front seat. You can see the two ears. And in back it is either a big dog, grandma, or MIL. Change my mind.

That does look like a curb feeler on the front. They used to be nice to have for parking but that one is up a little high. The whole thing reminds me of how we used to carry the duck boat on roof carriers. One Friday night before Saturday duck opener, a guy cut us off and the quick stop caused that boat to shift a little. Hope that doesn’t happen with this camper.

I was actually wondering if they might’ve used an alum boat turned upside down as the framework for their camper. There could be a boat under there somewhere. Which would be nice. Once you get to the lake, flip the camper into the water and you have a tiny houseboat. “That’s real nice, Clarke”, says Cousin Eddie.

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Speaking of boats on top of vehicles…


Oh, a MIL in the back. In that case, get the dog out and roll up the windows. :wink:

Speaking of boats on top of vehicles…
How fast would they have to be going for that to happen even with no tie down’s?