Advice on sending a pickup to junkyard needed



My husband has assigned the task of disposing our 1979 Datsun (probably one of the last of the Datsun name) pickup. He wants it to be taken away - it doesn’t have a battery, but we’re sure it would run. It has 133,000 miles on it, and has been converted to a flat bed with removable sides. It’s really sweet! The problem is that he doesn’t want to advertise to sell it and go through the hassle of showing it, and has asked me to call junkyards to get someone to bring a truck and take it away. It has decent tires and wheels, but the rocker panets are rusted through. The deck of the flat bed was replace about five years ago. We live in Pennsylvania, which has fairly stringent inspection.

Now, can anyone tell me what to talk to a junkyard about, and how I can get some money out of this truck?


Call a few junkyard and describe the vehicle. They will offer a price for it ($0 and up) and then provide a quote for towing it away ($0 and up). Some yard out there will take it off your hands.


Junkyards could care less of condition or features. Tell them what you have. If you can transport it there you likely will get more money.

I would not put a lot of effort into this. Expect $0 and hope for more.


About 7 years ago I tried to give a car to a junk yard and they wouldn’t accept it without a title. I didn’t have the title and the car didn’t run and without the title I didn’t feel it was worth fixing. I was in a catch 22; so the car ended up “mysteriously” on the side of the road untill the city picked it up.

However- about two years ago I took a different car to NOT a junk yard but a Scrap Metal Recycler. They got the weight of the vehicle, then paid me cash. I don’t remember exactly but I think the car weighed around 1100 pounds (it was a very light car that had caught on fire)

Turns out that was about $65 worth of metal. Which was great because I only paid $50 for the car and was able to drive it around for 7 months before it broke down.


Check the yellow pages. I don’t know ehere you’re located, but around here we have places that will tow away junkers free of charge. They make their money via used parts sales and recycling.


I don’t know how you are going to get any money out of this truck. It is too old to be of much use at a junkyard. They cannot expect to sell any parts from it.

You could adapt a famous Rodney Dangerfield line.
Call the junkyard and say “Take my truck…please!”


They can probably take it for about $50 or so. Maybe they will take a pickup for no charge. Anything that runs can get a couple of hundred dollars from someone.