Advice on purchasing a used 2019 Mercedes GLC 300

Hello Everyone, I am interested in a used 2019 Mercedes GLC 300. It was for sale at a Mercedes dealership. I carefully read the carfax and found some suspicious service records including “console repaired”, “door ajar replaced” and “wiring repaired”. Here is the link to the carfax. CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports

Below is a cope and paste of the most recent service record in the carfax.

|2022 Jun 10|42,866 KM|Mercedes-Benz North Vancouver
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada|Vehicle serviced

  • Maintenance inspection completed
  • Ignition system checked
  • Console repaired
  • Door ajar switch replaced
  • Body electrical system checked
  • Doors checked
  • Electrical system checked
  • Interior trim checked
  • Wiring repaired|
    | — | — |

What could most likely cause console, door ajar and wiring repairs combined? The salesperson will meet with me tomorrow and ask a technician at the dealership about the repair history.

I’d just like to get your opinion meanwhile. Thanks!

Just to add, this is a Star Certified (CPO) vehicle according to the dealership.

Water damage?

This looks interesting:

  1. Their normal servicing seemed to occur at 10K->13K intervals, up through March 2022.

  2. Then, only 3K KM later on June 10, 2022, they had the service that included all the electrical inspection and repairs.

  3. A quick search of Vancouver weather reveals numerous articles indicating lots of flooding around the Vancouver area in early June, and that June was the wettest in over 10 years.

Given the above, I would look very closely for water damage. If it’s been in a flood, you may be in for years of electrical problems.


If you are on a forum asking questions about a used vehicle ( of which a european luxury car will be expensive repairs ) then if it turns out to be a problem vehicle you will not be a happy camper.

I say Pass .



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Hi everyone, thank you for your reply! The salesperson just sent me their internal repair order report regarding the latest service record on carfax which shows the console, wiring, and door ajar were repaired.

In a nutshell, the mechanics replaced the pressure sensor and fixed open circuit intermittent at the driver’s door.

After reading the details, would you rule out the flood damage? Thanks!

For crying out loud , a 3 year old Mercedes should not need this much work . Did you not see the note ( may need further repair ). Find something else .



Even the cheapest cars rarely need that type of repair work when they are only 3 years old.


If it has flood damage, I doubt that all of the clues were removed. You must look closely at hard to reach areas to be sure. Pull up the mats inside the rear hatch. Open all panels and look inside. Is there any mud or debris? Same thing for the passenger cabin. Look under seats and try to pull back carpet for an inspection. Look under the hood and see if there is debris indicative of being under water.

Even though this is a CPO car you should pay an independent shop that you trust for a prepurchase inspection. Ask them to check for flood signs. I am a bit surprised that a car with a possibly recurring fault is on the lot as a CPO and that the salesman told you about it. You might ask for additional coverage for that particular problem beyond the remainder of the factory warranty. I would probably pass too unless the price is very attractive and you don’t mind taking risks.



I have to disagree with my esteemed colleagues here. I don’t see the prior-repairs list as warranting so much concern. This is a complex vehicle, and these type of repairs imo should be expected. Complexity and reliability are inversely related. OP, you might ask to see the same list on some other 2019 GLC’s. I expect they’ll be roughly the same length, but different repairs. If OP wants a car with a shorter repair list, suggest a make/model w/ less functionality and a less complex design.

OP might want to review what others have said here about this make/model by using the forum search feature, upper right this page. Likewise about the prior repairs, not necessarily limited to this make& model. Problematic door switches pretty common by reports here, on most make/models.

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I would heartily agree with Mr. Volvo’s advice.

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Looks like a typical used vehicle. There was a problem with the side airbag sensor, this was repaired in June.

Note that vehicles with branded titles; salvage, flood, are not eligible for CPO sale. A broken door jamb wire is not an indication of flood damage.


Do you feel one warranty repair is excessive?

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It doesn’t look that bad to me. I might wonder about the tire replacement at 15+ Kms and again at 27+ Kms. The one at 15 shows “tire(s)” which might mean 1 or 4.

My assumption is 1 replaced due to damage and full set at 27 Kms,

This is what you should expect from your typical Benz of recent vintage. A hard to diagnose fault code caused by a poor quality/stupid/broken wire in the door. I’d love to see how many hours the tech spent fixing this. Looks like it cost someone over $900 to repair. Typical Benz.

If (for some reason I can’t fathom) you must have this car, buy an extended warranty/service contract. It’s a Mercedes, and there will be more repairs of this kind. Many more.

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