Common C Class Problems?

I bought a brand new Mercedes C 300 last August, and have already has both front struts replaced; an AC-related seal replaced; and the purge valve switched out. Has anyone else experienced such issues with their new Benz’s? It seems a bit odd that these kinds of fixes would be necessary on a new car – and I worry that more lemon? problems are on their way. Thank goodness, I guess, for warranties. Thanks!

“Brand New” Mercedes C 300, But Please Give Us The Model-Year.


“It seems a bit odd that these kinds of fixes would be necessary on a new car – and I worry that more lemon? problems are on their way.”

It seems a little excessive, but this sometimes happens and I don’t feel that it indicates a lemon, nor would it indicate that problems will continue at this rate. You’ll have to wait and see while covered by warranty.

None of the problems seem very serious, though a bit annoying.
Why not briefly explain the symptoms that lead to each repair.

What was wrong with the struts ? Front ? Rear ? Both ? Leaking ? Noisy ? Ride / Steering Problem ?

Why was the A/C seal replaced ? A/C Blowing warm air ?

Purge valve ? A/C or EVAP system ? Any symptoms ? “Check Engine” light ?

Were repairs carried out timely and at your convenience ?


Great questions CSA. Mine is a 2010 C 300 Sport, bought new off the lot last August. It had, I believe, 7 miles on the odometer when I drove it off the lot; it’s now just past 11,300.

The strut problems first started when I heard rattling from the front part of the car while going over small bumps at low speeds and down inclines. The dealership’s mechanics had to hook up a listening device to the car to source the noise, eventually rooting it to the front left strut – which was replaced. Then, about two weeks later, I heard the same noise and, low and behold, it turned out to be the front right strut; which, like the other strut, was summarily replaced.

About a month later, I noticed the car would gurgle upon acceleration. I thought, perhaps, the coolant was low, but all checked out. I took it in to have it inspected, but the dealer said everything was fine. Meanwhile, the gurgling got more pronounced and, before long, the AC completely cut-out. When I took it back in, they recharged it and all was well – for about a week. When it cut-out again, the dealer sourced the problem to a leaky seal, thanks to some dye they had previously included in the AC system.

But the gurgling persisted. As I was driving it in to get the fluids changed (at 8000 miles, rather than wait until 10K – which is when it would normally be due for it’s first scheduled maintenance), the check engine light came on. At first, the dealer’s mechanic thought the gas cap might have been loose (which would trigger that light), but, after thoroughly inspecting the car, found that the AC purge valve had gone. It was replaced, of course, but the gurgling noise was only somewhat reduced as what I believe to be a result.

And that’s where we are now. The car is now on the high seas, bound for my current USG assignment in Slovakia (not too far from where the car was actually built), and I’m hoping I won’t have to test out my limited Slovak language abilities at the local MB dealership for repair issues while my family and I are here for the next three years!

Actually, when I told this story to a local friend of mine, he said my car must have been built on a Monday – “Because those Germans never get over their hangovers til, at least Tuesday, I should have ensured my car rolled off the lot on a Wednesday!,” he said. I found that to be the best explanation thus far … :slight_smile:

You should get on some MB discussion forums, that way you’ll be up to date on C-specific problems that are cropping up.