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Does anyone care to comment on the effectiveness of Motorkote. On ATN the truckers highly endorse it. Thanks

No need, modern oils take care of all your engine’s needs.

The only additive I’ve ever used was STP in 1968. Never needed anything except normal oil.

Dont do it,waste of money advertising can make anything look good(some people still believe in a 150 mpg carburater

Modern oils are formulated with all the necessary additives so why add anyhting else? Good oils like we have today only need to be changed frequently enough to ensure long engine life.

@hormet, even if it works for long haul truckers, it is unlikely that you need it. They are trying to get 500,000 or more miles out of their engine, and they run it for one-third to a half a day continuously. I’m sure that your driving routine is much less abusive. Take you wife (gf) out to dinner with the money you save on a 32 ounce bottle. It’s a much better use of the money.

BG 44K is one of the few additives that does help clean fuel injectors and recommended by BMW and other independent mechanics. I put in one can every 6 months in my 328i and noticed a little better performance and mileage. It’s not a cure all for every car, but seems to work for mine. Once or twice a year is all you need.

They took the zinc extreme pressure additives out of automotive oil to protect the catalytic converter…Diesel oil and motorcycle oil still get a full measure of zinc. I have no problem with using an additive that restores zinc to an effective level in automotive engines…