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Adding any power steering fluid

2009 Lexus ES350

Just noticed power steering fluid is at minimum level. On hand, I have Bardahl power steering fluid 5713 for Honda and Acura w/ sealer and conditioner.
Would it be fine for me to add this?

Check your owners manual. Manufacturers have specific specs for power-steering fluid just like Tranny fluid.

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Honda/Acura PS fluid is different from the norm.

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No . . . that fluid is only for Hondas and Acuras

Toyotas and Lexus have usually required Dexron for their power steering fluid

Look in the owner’s manual to be sure, though

But before you do that, pop the hood and look on the power steering fluid filler cap. It might very well state what fluid to use. I know it does on most or all of the Toyotas I’ve ever owned