Power Steering Fluid, owner's manual calls for Dexron II or III, what else is acceptable?

Car: 2007 Toyota Corolla.

The power steering fluid is a little low. I’m going to do more than just fill it up–I’m going to use a turkey baster and suck up what’s in the reservoir and then replace nearly the entire content of the reservoir with a fresh power steering fluid. I intend now to do this procedure every oil change as this will keep the fluid replenished to some extent. I also believe that this only replaces about 1/5 of the power steering fluid in the system. Well, 1/5 every oil change seems all right since the owner’s manual doesn’t actually call for a replacement interval anyway.

Here’s the question: Dexron II is impossible to find, III is rare. What else is acceptable?

Is Toyota Type-IV ATF fluid also acceptable? It’s what I use in the automatic transmission. Is Dexron VI good too?

I don’t want to mess up and use the wrong fluid.

Use Dexron III, it is the most common ATF on the market and can be purchased everywhere. Nothing else is acceptable. Many bottles will say Dexron/Mercon compatible on them, that’s the one.

Doing what you propose certainly won’t hurt anything, but it seems excessive to do it every oil change, even if it’s only 1/5 of the total system volume. Generally, keeping the power steering system topped up is entirely adequate. The Toyota dealer should be able to supply the Dexron-compatible fluid that they use in their service department. If you’d rather buy it yourself, any premium brand that is Dexron compatible will be fine.

For example:

Thank you both, I will follow your recommendation.

I’ve been draining and refilling the PS reservoir on my 2006 Matrix once a year (every other oil change) for the past 3 years.
I’m using Dexron VI as I couldn’t find Dexron III.
The first time I did it it was pretty dark with chunks of debris.
Each time I do it the fluid looks a little better.