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Add-on remote starters

my mechanic thinks the new remote starter I had installed on my 1997 honda accord is causing the transmission to down shift at the wrong time. Car Tunes says no way could their starter cause this problem. What should I do?

We do see a lot of problems with after market remote starters, but I don’t see the connection with the transmission.

Post back a more detailed explaniation of why your machanic feels the way he does. I don’t want to dismiss him with out hearing his case but I don’t see a connection either. I am willing to listen to his case.

I had the remote starter taken off and now the car does not down shift when I stop. Before it jerked back and forth as if it was a manual transmission shifting gears while excelerating. My mechanic claims the timer in the auto starter caused a short in the system and caused the timing of the transmission to be off. Now I have this $80.00 car starter that I cant use unless someone has a suggestion of how to install it so that it doesn’t affect the operation of the car.

Electronics is not a mystery,it is not a black art,you must be able to show a output from the car starter the path to the electronic control unit for the transmission and how this signal caused the effect you claim.

1997 and a electronic control for the trans,possible.

Certainly would not happen if properly installed. Install how the instruction call.Post back how many wires involved and where they are supposed to go.

Pay another mechanic(ask around) for a diagnosis and do not mention the current diagnosis related to remote car starter.

It may be $40-$50(going rate in my area) well spent.

will do. Thanks

The way I read the post that after removal of the remote start no transmission issue exists.

Why dont you post back the info I asked for so we can explore how a incorrect installation could possibly cause the transmission peoblem that you experienced?

Were any connections made to any wires going to a transmission control unit?

I have to tell you I know nothing about cars except that I need to take it in when the oil needs changing or it’s not running right. I asked my mechanic to explain the connection between the transmission and the starter. I plan on getting more info today. Car Tunes said the idle needs to be adjusted but my mechanic said on this car the idle can not be manually adjusted. It is auto programed or something like that. So when I get more info I will post it. Also, this morning the car did downshift once when I came to a stop so now I’m thinking the problem is not solved. I’m trying to get this figured out and will get back later. Thanks.

"Car Tunes said the idle needs to be adjusted…"
More proof that Car Tunes does not know what it is doing and you need to go somewhere else to have the remote start correctly installed. Idle is computer controlled on almost all cars now (including the late 90s), and can’t be changed. How would they not know this?