Acura Vigor won't start



My '92 Acura Vigor won’t start. No engine codes are present. I have replaced the ignitor, ignition coil, distributor cap, rotor, & water temperature sensor. I have fuel pressure at the filter. You can hear the main contacts clicking in the main relay and it powers up the fuel pump. I have checked all fuses and fusible links and all is well there. I have removed the ignition switch and checked the contacts in the switch and they all were in good shape and clean. Yet, my Vigor won’t start, can anyone help? Thank you.


You say you have fuel pressure at the filter, but is there specified fuel pressure at the injectors? Doesn’t this vehicle have a fuel pressure regulator?

Try this: (have a helper stand by) remove the air filter and spray a little starting fluid into the throttle body AS YOUR HELPER CRANKS THE ENGINE OVER.

This is to avoid over spraying as starting fluid will strip the oil away if too much is used.

If the engine is turning over and it fires up, then dies, you now know there is a lack of fuel delivery.

If fuel is present but won’t start then a lack of spark is the fault.


Did you get the new distributor installed under recall?