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Acura Transmission Question

I have '98 Acura RL with 65,000 miles. The transmission was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago. The check engine light come on and I took it back to the transmission shop and asked them to do a readout of the error code. I was told it was code P1703 which is the range sensor. I took the car to my usual mechanic who did the read out and said it was code P730 which is ‘failed internal hydrolic pump’ or bad solenoids. The mechanic cleared the code.

Is it possible to have multiple codes? Will the error code come back?

Any thoughts on what I should do?


First check the code P1703 or P730?

Ooops. The first code that came from the transmission shop was P1703, not P1706. The second code was from my mechanic was P730.