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Acura tpuch up paint lid cracks sitting the shelf

It looks identical to the one in the pic:


I bought at the dealership and used it once & it was on the hutch of the table. Once I noticed that the plastic lid (black in color) formed a rim like crack by on its own at the larger diameter area. I put packing tape to prevent air getting in , but the paint is still getting bad.

I am wondering if there is another metal lid that I can use after the first use (The bottom barrel seems aluminum). If so where can I buy a lid. There are screw on type and not sure there is metric scale as such on these things.

Appreciate any tips or practical tips.

Also, what is the use of the tip that looks like a ball pen- seen through the see through area. Last time, I screw open it and the lid comes with a small brush attached to it.