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How to paint this see picture

OK so I have a 1996 Honda civic im just trying to paint the hood corner where its rusty and the trunk and the color is Cypress Green Pearl color code g82p4 I found some paint online the comes with the primer base paint and clear coat should I buy that its in a spray bottle for bucks I’m not locking for a showroom finish I just want best bang for my buck

The clear coat is peeling off. If you try to fix this the result will look worse. If the clear coat is peeling off in one area it’s going start peeling off in other areas.

Save your money and avoid the frustration and just drive the car.


You have a combination of damage (photos 1 & 4), wind erosion (photo 3), and peeling (photo 2).
The damaged areas have surface rust. You’d have to sand/grind those down to bar metal.
The erosion hasn’t gone through to the metal yet, so you can get by with just sanding the surface, cleaning it well, and feathering in the new primer and paint.
The peeled area on the trunk… try sanding the edges to some level of smooth transition and priming and painting over it.

If those paint bottles are like the ones they package and sell at a paint supplier in Nashua NH that serves autobody shops, they’ll be much, much better than rattle cans. If you’ll provide a link perhaps we can offer insight. But a good paint job is always in the preparation, the preparation, the preparation, and the skill of the painter. Fortunately, your expectations are realistic. Yup, I repeated “the preparation” intentionally.

One tip: pro use one of two methods to do panels. They either mask everywhere around the panel and paint the entire panel, or, when that’s impractical, they “feather the edges”. Once buffed out with rubbing and polishing compounds, that blends the edge into the surrounding paint.

let us know how you make out.

I think I have some of that green paint left yet for my son’s old 96 Acura. If I remember right a pint cost me $80, and that was just the paint, not the clear or additives. I agree it makes no sense to paint over the rust unless you first remove the rust. Then you have dents that should be fixed before you paint it or what’s the point? The trunk is really too big an area to do a good job with a spray can and as Tester said, likely the rest of the clear is getting ready to delaminate soon anyway. If you don’t fix the dents, it really isn’t going to look much better. Might want to just use a rust converter ont he rust to slow it down but I don’t think I’d spend much on touch up paint unless you want to go the full mile.

heres the link of the paint tell me what think of it

It’s not the paint; it’s the preparation before spraying the paint that makes the difference.

Even the highest quality paint shot over iffy prep work will look like garbage so much will depend upon how much elbow grease you’re willing to spend before depressing the nozzles on the foo-foo cans.

“It’s not the paint; it’s the preparation before spraying the paint that makes the difference.”

That’s absolutely true @ok4450 because I use to paint cars in my base hobby shop’s paint booths. Painting the vehicle is relatively easy. It’s the preparation and getting it right that’s the hard part. That’s probably the main reason Earl Scheib went under in a lot of locations. Years ago they would spray a car with bird droppings still on the old paint and they evidently did not know how to mask a vehicle because they rarely did.

For $35, I’d try it. Tip: When you’re spraying, your hand is moving. Start with a more rapid sweep then slow down. Too slow causes sags.

If this car has any value now, it will have LESS value when you get done…

First check the touch up paint section at AutoZone to see if they carry your color in a spray can. A can is only about $6 if they have it.

No matter which way you go, it will not look pretty up close, but it can be made less noticeable from a distance, especially that corner of the hood. I do this all the time just so the vehicle doesn’t stand out in traffic so bad, but up close, it still shows that it is a touch up.

Krod, I don’t believe the one in the link are any different than the rattlecans at the parts store.

Perhaps if you stopped by a bookstore you could find a book on how to paint cars, or even an article in a car magazine. Magazines like “Hot Rod” and “Street Rodder” have these articles fairly regularly. It’d be well worth the extra $10+/-.

@Caddyman makes a good point

I’d rather buy a car with faded original paint, versus a decidedly homebrew looking paint repair

Krod, don’t you have nieces and nephews.

Crayola makes a paint kit for kids with a little roller and pan. Give them the freedom to express themselves in art. “here kids paint my car for me but keep it off the glass”.
They’ll have a ball and you can blame it on your relatives.


despite the lack of confidence in your abilities by some, you can do this and have it come out much better than it is now.

preparation is the key. plus painting skill and experience. practice on something else first to get the hang of it. you will probably make mistakes and it may look horrible up close. some times the spray nozzles don t function well, sometimes the paint is old stock and discolored and no matter what you do it won t be perfect.

don t just hold down the trigger, short sprays back and forth, letting go orf the trigger after each pass, using many thin coats instead of one thick one will help. cover everything you don t want to get paint on. news paper and masking tape will work.

no one is an expert without practice and you have to learn somewhere. it might as well be on a car with an already ruined paint job. you will slow down the rust if nothing else.

if it s too bad, sand it down and start over. it will be better the second time.

Its not the painting technique, its the fact that there are dents with heavy rust in them. You can’t just paint over the rust, and like I said if you aren’t going to fix the dents, why bother painting it? Plus, you are going to need more than one can for the trunk. More like 2 or 4 just for that one spot on the trunk to get proper coverage with the pearl. Did I ever tell you about my neighbor that painted his Hudson one day when I was a kid? He just got a couple quarts of gloss black and a brush and went at it. No need to mask. Woulda looked better if he would have gone the same direction with the brush instead of some horizontal and some verticle, but from 25 feet away no one noticed.

It actually worked out pretty good all I used was the dulicolor spray can of Honda green and dulicolor spray can clear coat all in all I took an hour and 15 but looks a lot better than before

Looks great. The perfect solution for your car.