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2006 Acura TL has outline crack on passenger airbag

One NJ owner always garaged 65k TL has developed an outline crack over the passenger side airbag. Is Acura giving ant help in repairing?

If I am interpreting that correctly, you are telling us that there is a crack in the part of the vinyl dashboard covering that conceals the airbag. Is that correct?

A problem like this can occur with virtually any make of car after 14 years, and I doubt if the manufacturer is going to provide any assistance after such a long period of time. The good news is that this is a “cosmetic” problem, and will not affect the functioning of the airbag.


Acura did offer extended coverage for this, although I think it was only for 2004-2005 models and has already expired. If the cracks continue I suggest installing an overlay, looks close enough to OEM and is easy to install.

Yes…the top of the dashboard has a crack outlining the passenger side airbag.

Thanks for your answer. Good to hear the Airbag is not affected. What is your opinion of the Coverlay product?

I am not familiar with it, but TXdealer may be able to venture an opinion.

Install one of those Coverlay units, and you will have a distinct outline where your airbag is. Isn’t that exactly what you have now? Can you post a picture?

The overlays generally work very well, and cost significantly less than replacing the dash pad. A lot of newer cars have had dashboard issues, including several Toyota and Lexus vehicles and several GM truck models. From my experience they work very well, especially if the dash begins to develop multiple cracks or completely delaminate. The passenger airbag area is generally the only spot that is noticeable over OEM.

Thanks. Good info.

Could u clarify your comments on putting an overlay over a cracked passenger side air bag. Will that area be slightly higher?

There are probably a few different models available, but the one I found on google has the area by the airbag outlined and likely perforated to allow the airbag to deploy without ripping off the entire cover. The ones I am most familiar with are on GM trucks, which have a complete cut out over the airbag area, leaving a noticeable elevation change. Overall, you will probably notice that the cover is not original but it is unlikely that someone unfamiliar with your vehicle would notice.