Acura tl -the immobilizer light is off and the car starts

I have an Acura 2000 TL. My car all of a sudden stopped starting. I called AAA and the tow truck driver did some repair like thing. The car started after this. He told me, there was a problem with the remote starter or security alarm issue. After that the car starts but the immobilizer light is completely off. It gives P1607 OBDII code. When I looked under the dash, I saw a black button and pressed on it. It gave some clicks and nothing happened. I pressed on it and turn the ignition switch on and off a couple of times and nothing happened. I pushed on the button while pressing on the brake peddle and released within 2 seconds etc. The car has a Code Alarm remote start with two button fob and it was disabled. I don’t know whether the AAA driver enabled it causing the immobilizer bypass to actuate to have the P1607 code. The car starts ! What can I do to get the Code Alarm remote start to disable it?

When did the aftermarket starter get installed, and who installed it? When and how was it disabled?

Sounds like a fairly classic case of “bad installation of aftermarket toy is screwing up the factory systems” to me.

Why did you tag your post “honda del sol 1994” if you drive a 2000 TL?

The aftermarket remote start was installed by the previous owner. It was also disabled by the previous owner. He gave me the remote with two buttons. The name on the remote is Code Alarm.

The AAA driver pushed on the black button( don’t know how many times) and then it started giving P1607. The immobilizer light is not ON anymore but the car starts. How do I fix this problem and get rid of P1607 OBDII code. I also want the immobilizer light back on.

The first step is to find an installer who sells Code Alarm products, and have him UNinstall (totally remove) this device. Merely “disabling” it did not work, and since these aftermarket devices frequently wind up being nothing but trouble, you are unlikely to resolve the problems until the Code Alarm device is surgically removed.

More than likely the trouble code will disappear w/in a few driving cycles after removal of that device, but if it doesn’t, then you will have to have a trusted mechanic do more intensive diagnostic work on the car.

I asked some installers who install remote starters and they don’t want to touch it. Do you know which fuse is used for remote starters usually for Acura 2000 TL.

I tried some of the procedures such as turning the ignition to On position and holding on to the black button for about one minute. There was no chirp noise to indicate anything is happening to alarm system. I tried to push on the brakes and then pushed on the black button and there was no alarm chirping. All that I hear is some click noise when I depress the black push button under dash. It is getting the power and I would like to disconnect it. The make of the remote starter is Code Alarm. It is an older model one with two buttons marked as Lock, Unlock/Trunk.

Is there a way to disable this Code Alarm Remote starter?

You need to keep searching for a qualified installer who will totally remove that device, and return your wiring to its original condition.

We cannot tell you how to disable your Code Alarm Remote Starter because we don’t know what model it is, or more importantly what is screwed up with the installation. Guessing as to how the installer screwed things up, and the disabler screwed them up further is simply not possible. This is something that a good installer will have to see in person in order to sort out.

Since you bought it from the previous owner, call him and ask where he got it installed at.

I bought the car about 5 years ago and I don’t have the phone number of the previous owner.

After doing some search on Google , I think that the model of the Code Alarm with two buttons is GOH-FRDPC2002. Only one button works to unlock the car and when I press on two buttons to start the car, noting happens.