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Acura software update for lock-up clutch requires fluid change?

I have a 2011 Acura MDX with 14K on it. I recently received a recall for a software update to the automatic transmission, specifically for the lock-up clutch. The odd part is the update included a transmission fluid change. I asked the service advisor why Acura was changing the fluid and he said it was to get any pieces of metal out of the fluid/tranny.

Is this an indication of potential future trouble with the tranny?

It was due to be changed at 30K anyway. Honda transmissions are their weak point so you need to religiously change the fluid in them every 30K. I would hope there wouldn’t be much metal in there at this point but I think I’d be changing it again at 30K.

Curious at best, I respect your questioning nature. A guessing person might guess the lock-up clutch problem might be toasting the transmission fluid. As far as future trouble one would hope with all the years cars and transmissions have been built there is design wisdom and knowledge, but then again the bean counters want to cut 2 cents off a part for profit.