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Transmission problem?

I have a 2001 Acura MDX automatic transmission that at least once a day when driving around town, will suddenly loose power, RPM’s seem to be stuck at 2000, and then surge up to 5000 with no forward motion. When I try to accelerate again, the car “stumbles” forward until the RPM’s settle back down to between 1-3 and the car drives normal. This is creeping me out…any thoughts? Valves have been adjusted.

Do you have a check engine light? Is the D4 indicator blinking?

Will it rev above 2000 in neutral?

How many miles do you have on it? Has the transmission fluid ever been replaced? Frankly changing transmission fluid like every 40,000 miles there would be a lot fewer transmission replacements.

No lights on, 120,000mi. Would think Honda service would have checked fluids, but will check on my own. Will try reving in neutral.

Yes, it’s up to the owner/driver to keep track of the fluids. Might check hoses and belts and tires also.

Sad to say, but the transmission is probable shot. Honda had problems with transmission in early Mini vans, and possibly MDX. Honda was helping out with replacement cost, But after eleven years, and over 100K its may be too late, but it cant hurt to try.

This sounds like a transmission problem to me. A good transmission shop can tell you yay or nay with little difficulty, they have all the equipment and experience to handle this. It might prove to be an inexpensive fix, or it might require a complete xmission rebuild. In any event, it can be fixed I expect. I guess if this were my car I’d remove the pan and do a quick look-see, clean the filter/screen, replace the fluid, and hope that fixed it. If not, off to the transmission shop I’d go. Be sure to ask your own inde mechanic for a recommendation for a transmission shop. You want to walk into a shop, introduce yourself to the owner, and say “My mechanic is John FixIt, and he recommended that I bring my car to you for a transmission diagnosis.”

Stay AWAY from ‘chain store’ operations like scAAMCO where All Automatics Must Come Out.

Thanks, back to Honda, have a extra warranty with them. They seem to not want to discuss transmission.

Is the transmission not a covered item?