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Acura MDX problem

I own a 2003 MDX w/205k miles. The tranny was rebuilt at 150k. The weirdest thing started happening this week. sometimes when i am coming to a stop, the car feels like I am being rear ended and it stalls out. No check engine lights come on. it will start right back up (may take a couple of attempts to get to drive again). A mechanic who specializes in Honad/Acura thinks its the tranny. A tranny guy did a diagnostic and didn’t get any codes. (the mechanic could duplicate the problem, the tranny guy couldn’t). I would really like to keep the car going, but at this point sinking another 3k for a tranny is not an option. please help.


Does the gear indicator light blink? That would be the drive indicator (D4). If it does, that could be good news actually. Then the problem might be the lockup control valve, which can be accessed without tearing the transmission apart. A repair should be in the low $100’s, not $k’s