Sick acura

My daughter has a 1999 Acura TL. It has a 4 cyl vtech engine and 77,000 miles.

She has had a problem for several months where on hot days, it would at times not start. If she gave it about a half hour and tried again, it would start.

Now it has started stalliong out. The car can be going at highway speeds, and suddenly shut down. At times the engine stops, and restarts itself. Other times it just stalls, and when you pull over it restarts.

I thought at first it was a sensor, but this new problem gives me other concerns.

With any luck, the problem is the Main Relay underneath the dashboard. The clue is that the problem originally was confined to hot days, as that is the classic scenario for a failing Honda/Acura Main Relay. This results in the fuel pump stopping, and is a common problem on Hondas and Acuras of that era.

Look for a smallish black box under the dashboard, slightly to the left of the steering column. Unplug the old one, take it to a part store and get a replacement. Hopefully that will solve the problem.