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Acura noisy on right turn

Here is the scoop.

I have a 1995 Acura Integra GSR 5spd, 3-door, with 190,000 miles. Lately I have been hearing a thumping noise when I turn right coming from the back. It sounds like something is rolling around in the back. I only hear it when I make a right turn that I have noticed. It also only happens when I make a rolling or quick right rather than taking a right turn from a complete stop, and then stops when I complete the turn. Other than the noise I don?t notice any other issues with performance.

Any thoughts?

I’d look at the suspension bushings. At 190K something could be getting loose and moving around a bit. Wheel bearings also come to mind.

Do you hear one thump, or does it go along with tire rotation?

The noise is like a thump, thump, thump, as I am turning. So I am assuming that the tires are in motion. But it only happens with a quick turn and not from a complete stop.

If this is a rear wheel drive with CV joints in the rear that’s another possibility. The old Jags used to be notorous for this problem. And the one I diagnosed (years ago) exhibited exactly your thump-thump-thumping when turning symptoms. That was how I learned of the problem.


The Integra is FWD. Your theory is valid, but not on this car.

Thanks. I don’t get out much.


So I finally took the car into the shop today to evaluate the noise. Simple problem; and I had to giggle when the guy told me the problem. Turns a bracket on my muffler rusted through causing the muffler to hang loose slightly, something you wouldn’t notice just staring at my car, but it was loose enough that when I made turns the muffler was rubbing causing the thumping noise. He fixed by taking a wire tie and securing the muffler. Free of charge! Now would have thunk it.
Thanks for the advice.