Occasional squeal when turning ('92 Integra)

I’m the original owner of a '92 Integra (~130K miles) and I have an intermittent squeal when turning, which sounds like rubber against metal in the front of the car (maybe even from the steering wheel). It happens only when turning, and only at certain positions of the steering wheel during any particular occurrence. It is speed independent but velocity dependent: it can happen on an on- or off-ramp at 50mph or turning into my driveway at <10mph, and if I move the wheel a little either way it will go away but return when I move the steering wheel back to the “squeal” position. It might happen one day but not the next day. I actually was able to reproduce this for my mechanic, but they found nothing and said the front end looks good. The tie rods were replaced at ~100K miles, and the engine mounts were replaced at ~120K miles; I got new tires at ~110K miles; the squeal doesn’t seem to correspond with any of these repairs/replacements. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what is going on that could be checked out.

Serpentine belt is suspect here.
An occasional noise that sounds like a sqeeling belt is an indicator of wear and will only get worse as the belt wears more.
Try a new ‘‘fan’’ belt.