Rolling sound from around the wheels

I have been hearing this somewhat loud rolling sound lately for my 97 Acura Integra, it usually occurs when it reaches a certain speed on the high way, say around 55/60+ MPH. It seems to be coming from around the wheels. Could this be due to unbalanced tire pressure for the tires, or do I need a new alignment? I did recently poured some generic Power Steering fluid as my PS tank was getting low, could this have caused the rolling sound, that perhaps I should have only used Honda/Acura PS fluid? I had replaced two axles last year, so it is unlikely it’s due to that.

Any inputs/comments are welcome and appreciated!


Trying to diagnose a noise over the internet is like trying to enjoy a song by reading the lyrics. It just doesn’t work.

So help us out: Is the noise a boom, a sizzle, a woop? What?

When did it first appear? Was there some event that might be connected to the appearance of the noise?

Can you identify which wheels the noise seems to be coming from?
(front/back, etc).

Like Capri Racer, I am having a hard time understanding what a “rolling sound” actually is.
Clarification is needed.
And, like Remco states, knowing which wheels you think the sound is emanating from would be helpful.

In the meantime, until you return with more information, I will say that tire pressure differences are not likely to cause a situation like this, but…If you are aware that your tires are not inflated correctly, don’t you think that you should do something about it?

Also wheel alignment is not likely to be producing a noise–unless the bad alignment is due to worn front-end parts on your Acura. Since badly worn front-end parts are dangerous, and since this is a possibility with a 14 year old car, it might be a good idea to have the front end checked out.

As to the “generic” power steering fluid, this is a big no-no with Hondas and Acuras.
Honda/Acura specifies fluids that are different from other manufacturers, and using non-Honda fluid is likely to lead to all sorts of expensive problems with power steering and automatic transmissions.

Anyway–what the heck is a “rolling sound”?

If your idea of a rolling sound is like my idea of a rolling sound I’d have to be thinking either a wheel bearing on its way out or possible some sort of tire issue.

If you haven’t kept up with the pressure in your tires or possible due to a lack of rotation you could have some sort of tread issue such as cupping. This would lead to what I call a roaring noise while driving.

Normally if you had uneven tread you can run your hands around the tires and feel that the surface is lifted in some areas and recessed in others.

You may want to make your first stop at a tire shop, tell them your symptoms and ask them to look at your tires; I would hope this would be a free service.

Wheel bearings can be a little more difficult to troubleshoot.

Sounds like a CLASSIC wheel bearing issue. That hollow rolling sound is the bearing telling you it is on the way out…it will growl more when its close to disintegrating and then big time trouble…

If its just starting to go bad you will only have that sound to go on… If its getting worse you can jack up the front of the car and with the front wheels off the ground grab the wheel and try to move it left right and up down… If it feels like your lugs are loose…they may be, but usually are not…if they’re tight and you have wheel play up down its the bearing… You wont feel this till the bearing is getting real bad… at that point your rim will also be hot…due to the rotor not being straight thru the caliper and brake pads… etc.

I have fixed too many wheel bearings in my day…and they all fail the same way. You need to check into this asap


Bearings going out will make this noise, but I’ve also heard it from some tires that are worn to near the wear bars.

I’d start by checking th etires. If they’re worn down, that may be the sources of the sound. Abnormal wear can exascerbate the problem.

Re: the bearings, in addition to following Honda BB’s advice, try spinning the wheels by hand when they’re in the air. A worn out bearing can make a grinding sound when spun by hand.

I’ve also heard a growling sound comeing from brake “wear indicators”, wlthough they’re supposed to squeak. Check the brakes while the vehicle is elevated.