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Nav system trip computer randomly zeroes current odo and MPG

2007 Honda Accord V6 6-speed stick, love it. When new, navigation system had a problem; dealer swapped out computer for a new one and it’s mostly great. Except: occasionally trip computer zeroes out current mileage and MPG calculation, and loses history of previous tankful of gas (it’s supposed to only zero when I buy gas, and then it should move current statistics to history). Dealer – of course – says “Duh, haven’t seen that before”. Minor but annoying problem, since I track the car’s numbers.

I suggest you check the voltage supply for the ECU memory. It may have an intermittent connection.

Sounds like they need to “swap out the computer for a new one” again.

Unfortunately, it’s probably not under warranty this time.

You could “track the car’s numbers” manually, the way most of us do it.

How much are you willing to spend to have this device work?

I first – and repeatedly – complained about the problem when it was still well under warranty, so I have a strong argument for their fixing it under warranty, if they recognized that a problem exists. It’s SO intermittent that I can live with it – and wouldn’t pay for repairing it – but it’s annoying that they haven’t taken it seriously. I DO track the car’s numbers in a spreadsheet but when it zeroes in the middle of a tank of gas and loses the last tank’s information, I can’t check meaningful numbers while driving. As I said, not a big deal, just a puzzling annoyance. I’ll follow Cougar’s suggestion, tell dealer to check ECU connection.