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Acura & ABS light

I have a '97 Acura Integra. The ABS light comes on intermittently. The first time I took it into our mechanic, they couldn’t get the light ot come on, but found air in the lines, and bleed them. The light continued to come on, so I returned to the mechanic. This time they said a code said that it needed a new ABS Modulator & Accumulator, which they replaced as well as the brake fluid & brakekleen–whatever that is–to the tune of $1400. Well, the light continues to come on. Right now, it’s back at the garage, and they’re looking at it. Although they said that sometimes they get parts that are defective. Is this true, or are they feeding me a line? Anyway, my question is: What’s wrong with my car? And, should I get a refund for all of the money that I’ve paid? Do I have to continue to pay these guys until they figure out what’s wrong with the car? Please help, I have no clue about cars.