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Accord doesn't start till third try

Hi all,

My 2005 Honda Accord V6 (54K miles) isn’t starting right away. I first noticed the problem a week ago. It’s not the battery, as the dashboard lights up and flashes when you turn the key, and it doesn’t have that ticking sound you get when the battery is dead. Also, so far, it always eventually starts on the third or fourth try.

What’s up? I’m a little overdue for an oil change, but have never had any trouble with the car before.

My friendly parking lot attendant said he thought it was a “loose connection” but he couldn’t say of what! I know nothing about anything, so I’m at a loss, but I’d like to have some sense of what’s happening before I deliver my car to the gasp dealer.

Thanks so much for you help!

Ok, so you get in the car, and put in the key, and you turn the key, and then what?
Nothing? A Kalic sound from down under the hood? A rurra ruurra sound?
You just need to be a little more specific.

It sounds like rrrr, rrrr, rrrr–almost as it would if I revved the engine. And it sounds like it’s trying really hard to connect, but just isn’t. Does that help?

Try this: Turn the key on until the dash icons light. Wait 10 seconds. Turn the switch to start. If the engine starts then have your fuel pressure checked as well as the fuel filter. The anti-drainback valve may also be faulty.

If I get missileman’s idea correctly, and you want that to work then turn the switch to start (before it cranks - rrr…rrrr…rrrrr) back of, then back on, then back off - oh about five times. Then try. The logic there is that you fuel system is losing all pressure and it is taking several on/off cycles of the fuel pump to get it back to pressure.

Any mechanic can figure that out easily with a fuel pressure gauge.

Your mention of the oil change, though, also suggests the possibility that you might be due for some other forms of maintenance - like perhaps new filter, maybe plugs and wires. (I’m assuming b/c an oil change is irrelevant to this kind of thing, but other maintenance items are). Take it to a mechanic, make sure all maintenance is up to date, and have them specifically look at fuel pressure and pressure leak down. Unless it is for warranty or recall service you don’t need a dealer. But avoid chain shops - find a local, independent mechanic. This kind of problem requires no magical knowledge of Hondas.