Accord 98

My friend has a 1998 Honda accord. any time he starts the car, it makes a sharp noise. we were thinking it is one of the belts? can somebody help?

You have to give us some help here.
Can you define “sharp” noise?

Is it a bang, a shreik, a squeal, a grinding noise, or is it something else?
Does this happen only when the ambient temperature and the engine temperature are low or does it happen at all temperatures?

Right now, your question is the automotive equivalent of phoning your doctor and saying, “I have a pain in my body, and I want to know what is wrong with me”.

It is a Squeal/screech kind of noise. It happens when he starts the car in the morning or any time the engine is cold.

Have his mechanic check the belt(s) that drive components such as the alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor.

The most likely culprit is one or more of the following:
A “glazed” belt
A belt that is loose
A belt tensioner in need of replacement

I just went through this with my '99 Accord,

Have your friend’s mechanic check the belts for correct tension and cleanliness.

My belts were still under warranty, the shop had to do nothing more than clean them with sandpaper and now the noise is no longer an issue.

Your friend’s might just need to be replaced, which is no big deal.

To find WHICH belt squeals, remove each belt, start the engine, and listen. If the squeal is still there, take off another belt. If the noise is still there with ALL the belts removed, it may be the timing belt. The timing belt is a time/mileage change item, and the change is critical.

Thank you to everybody