2002 ACCORD- High pitch noise on acceleration


I bought a 2002 accord with 105800 miles 3 weeks ago. I got the timing belt and water pump replaced within a week of that. I have noticed that the car makes a high pitch noise upon accelerating after replacing the belt. It does not happen always, but sometimes. I have noticed it on 3 days in last 2 weeks. A preliminary web search tells me that it could be a tight timing belt. What are your opinions? What should be the solution? I don’t want to go to a mechanic uninformed.


I have no direct knowledge of Accords’ system, but I’ll tell you what I do know.
To get to the timing belt, all the belts come off. Hopefully they put all new ones on. Most belts today, timing and accessory, are tensioned by a spring-loaded pulley.
I’m assuming the high-pitched noise sounds like a belt squeal? If so, it could be the accessory belt slipping from improper tension (timing belts are toothed, and don’t slip) suggesting a defective tensioner. Or it could be the tensioner pulley of either of the belts having a bad bearing, and you are hearing the bearing squeal.

It’s impossible to tell what the solution is without knowing where the noise is coming from. Pop the hood, stick your head under there, have a friend rev the engine, and see if you can tell.

I agree with Tony’s suggestions, but see what you can hear. There are other possibilities too.

It sounds to me one of the engine (not timing) belts needs to be tightened a little. Yes, it could be something else but given the situation you described, I think an engine belt is likely the cause. I’d just take it back and have the mechanic take a look.