100,000 mile check-up...done right?


I have a 99 HOnda Accord that flipped 100,000 miles a few weeks ago. My husband took it to a car place he trusts on Tuesday to get a check-up. They replaced the timing belt, all the spark plugs, all the filters, redid all the fluids, among other things. Well, not it has a very low hum sound to it, especially in the low RPM and lower gears. Once you get it going, it’s fine. It also seems to vibrate a little more than before. Maybe I just got used to a “not-so-good” sound from before and now the “good” sound is strange to me, but I am a little concerned. We spent close to $1000 on this tune-up and I want it to be like a brand new car. Is it supposed to sound like this?


Does the sound occur while moving, or standing still? If only while moving, did they rotate the tires? Maybe the tires are making noise. Can you be more specific about when the noise occurs and where it seems to be coming from?


It comes only when the car is moving…and I suppose it could be from the tires. I don’t know if they rotated them or not. But, my initial feeling was that it came from under the hood.


Without hearing it, it’s hard to guess, but I’m going to say tire noise. Maybe the engine is now quiet enough for you to hear the tires. It could be something like a CV joint starting to make noise, but if it only happens when moving you’ve eliminated the engine belts and things associated with the engine itself. Transmission, drive train and tires are more likely, and tires are most likely to hum.


Oh, the reason I asked about the tires being rotated is they will often make a different noise just after being rotated.